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Experience in renting Accommodation in district 7 with a low price

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  1. MB+ - Many people want to rent a house in the center of District 1, District 3 or District 5 to facilitate studying, working as well as entertainment activities. However, housing prices in these areas are always high compared to neighborhood areas. Therefore, finding houses/ apartments for rent in adjacent districts such as District 7, District 2 is considered a more economical solution. With the monthly amount of $500 to $600, you can rent a fully furnished apartment in District 7 on housingsgn.com


    Adjacent to District 1, it takes only a few minutes from District 7 to the center of District 1 through radial routes such as: Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, Truong Chinh – Cach Mang Thang 8 – Nguyen Huu Tho, Pham Van Dong Boulevard, …

    With many affordable apartment projects, choosing mid-range and cheap projects is the secret to help you rent an apartment in District 7 with only about $500/month. In the past, tenants were often concerned about the quality and service of low-cost apartments, but now that problem has been removed. Low-cost apartment projects are now aiming for perfection in quality as well as healthy living space. Therefore, tenants in cheap projects can both rent and enjoy the standard life in District 7.

    Some apartments for rent from $500 per month in District 7:

    The Era Town

    The Era Town Duc Khai Apartment in District 7 is not a strange name for people in Saigon South Area. Era Town apartment project is the largest apartment project of Duc Khai Group. With a number of up to 3,036 apartments, the project has contributed to solve most of the needs of many households. The rental price for apartments here is on average from $500 to $600 per month.

    Apartments in Minh Thanh Building

    Minh Thanh Building is located on Le Van Luong Street, Tan Quy Ward, District 7 (near Phap Viet Hospital and Kenh Te bridge). This project combines a model of resettlement apartments and commercial apartments, designed with an area from 80 – 99 m2, known as one of the best apartments for rent in District 7. Simple room design, scientific layout with a bedroom, living-room and toilet. The price for renting a fully furnished apartment is only $650.
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